Material Shelf Life

Maximum (Up to 20 Years)
Type of Rubber Common or Trader Name ASTM D141S Abbreviation ASTM D2000 Designation MIL-STD-417
Silicone Silicone Q FE TA
Fluorosiltcone Silastic LS FVMO FK TA
Polysulfide Thickol T EK SA
Florocarbons Flurel. Won* FKM HK  
Polyacrylale Acrylic ACM. ANM DF. DH TB


Average (5 to 10 years)
Type of Rubber Common or ASTM D141S ASTM D2000 MIL-STD-417
  Trader Name Abbreviation Designation  
Chlorosulfonated polyethylene Isobutylene/ Hypalon" CSM CE  
Isoprene Butyl MR AA, BA RS
Polypropylene Neoprene CR BC, BE SC
Polyether Urethane Urethanane EU EG  
Polypropylene Oxide Propylene oxide GPOO    
Ethylene/propylene diene Ethylene propylene terpolymer EPDM BA,CA ...
Ethylene/propylene copolymer Ethylene propylene EPM BA,CA ...
Epichlorohydrin homopolymer Hydrin 100, Herclor H CO    
Epichlorohydrin ethylene oxide Hydrin 200, Herclor C ECO ... ...


Minimum (2 to 5 Years)
Type of Rubber Common or Trader Name ASTM DM13 ASTM D2000 MIL-STD-417
    Abbreviation Designation  
Butadiene/acrylonitrile┬╣ Nitrite. NBR NBR BF. BG. BK. CH SB
Butadiene/styrene SBR SBR AA. BA RS
Cis-potyisoprene Butadiene BR AA RN
Cis 1, 4, polyisoprene Natural, pale crepe NR AA RN
Cis 1, 4, polyisoprene Synthetic natural IR AA RN
Polyester urethane Urethane AU ... ...
' NBR. when compounded for O-ring seals, may have a shelf life as high as 10 years when aging resistance requirements are specified in the specification.



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