Molded Parts

Awesome Image Monroe Seals is a direct manufacturer and supplier of custom molded rubber parts. Custom Molded parts are very design specific and our molding processes include: injection, transfer, and compression molding to accommodate any size or volume requirements. We have decades of experience providing customers with custom molded parts that are unique to their application. Our custom molded part experience incorporates the certification of the material within the confines of each specification, while meeting and overseeing necessary quality reports.

The Compression Molded Rubber Parts process is typically used when an application calls for high quantities in production runs, medium shore in durometer or hardness, or if the material call-out is one that requires less common, but more expensive materials. An excess of your chosen material is placed into the cavity of the mold to guarantee total cavity fill. Heat and pressure are applied, which causes the rubber compound to flow and fill the cavity, with any overflow going through the overflow grooves. This overflow, or flash, can be a concern when the parts are of critical dimension, larger diameter or of a more expensive variety of a rubber compound. Compression molding reduces the amount of flash created in the molding process. Further reduction of this flash on your custom molded part is done in the deflashing process for any type of molding you may choose. Depending on your parts specifications, this deflashing is done either by tear trimming, tumbling, grinding or cryogenic deflashing.


Rubber bumpers, also referred to as grommet bumpers, recessed bumpers, or stem bumpers, are great for protecting products and machinery. Monroe Seals ensures that every bumper that we manufacture is custom designed for your particular application to guarantee the best solution. Read More

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Rubber to Metal Bonding not only simplifies the supply chain process, but it also creates a robust adhesion that is stronger than the original elastomer. Monroe Seals's chemical experts are capable of producing high quality rubber to metal bonds for your industrial needs. Read More


Grommets, also known as eyelets, are typically used to protect cabling or wire from wear and tear on a sharp edge or material. They can also be used for vibration control and are extremely easy to install. Monroe Seals offers an assortment of high quality, molded grommets in various materials and sizes. Read More

Custom Caps

Monroe Seals offers both rubber and plastic caps for your protection needs. Using top of the line injection molding techniques, we can supply you with custom designed caps to fit over any component you need protected or covered. Contact us with your design specifications and application so we can find the perfect material to fit your requirements. Read More


Plugs can be used for a variety of applications for your product including: protection, masking, appearance finishing and sealing. Monroe Seals has been a proud supplier of plugs to a wide variety of industries for over 40 years. Let us become your plug supplier! Contact us with your product specifications. Read More


Monroe Seals produces and supplies anti-vibration rubber mounts for industrial applications across many different industries. Wether you are looking to reduce vibration transference or simply provide a more stable base to your product, Monroe Seals has the capabilities to provide you with exactly the right mount for your application requirements. Read More

Crutch Tips

Crutch tips are an essential component in the crutch assembly, providing traction to the ground and stabilizing the crutch for easy maneuverability. Monroe Seals offers a wide variety of standard and custom molded crutch tips in many shapes and sizes. Contact us today with your requirements and we will find the right crutch tip for you! Read More

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